Why aluminum window?

Aluminum windows provides better strength, a nicer larger vision, and have a uniform, durable finish. It requires less maintenance.

Aluminum windows is strong metal windows. It acts as storm windows too. Weather in North America can sometimes be very extreme indeed. Alaska and north America are cold at times. The Pacific Northwest has the highest average rainfall in north America. In northern and central US, there’s lots of snow. In American South, they have hot summers and mild winters. We, Beijing North Tech Windows, provide types of storm windows too.

You may ask, does China have bad weather like North America? And does China manufacturers provide same good quality of windows and doors as American companies? The answer is yes if not even better. Since summer 2007, China has experienced several extreme weather events, including floods and hurricanes in Chongqing and Jinan, and the snowstorms this winter. Because of extreme weathers in China from summer (over 40 centigrade) to winter (minus 20+ centigrade), the windows manufacturers have been developing quality windows and doors, not only for China, but also have been exporting to North America and Europe with complete local certificates. Beijing North Tech Windows is one of these experienced window manufacturer.

Besides, the excellent structure strength comparison with vinyl windows, aluminum windows are also competent in energy saving. A lot of passive house degree windows and doors are exactly in aluminum.  Aluminum windows manufacturing uses thermal break aluminum extrusions with PA66 insulating material, double or triple panel low e insulating glass units,  durable hardware and handles from Europe.

For the above two reasons, aluminum windows are a good choice for both commercial and residential.


Post time: Jul-07-2022