Northtech Energy Effective Aluminum Double sliding windows

Feature of double sliding windows
Sliding panels (also known as sashes) that may freely move in either direction make up each opening (or up and down). The panels may be completely taken off the frame for maintenance and are set atop tough rollers, which are frequently made of brass. Sashes that open horizontally do not require the additional machinery found on standard vertical sashes with hollow channels on either side, which hold a system of counterweights. As a result, they frequently offer a larger surface of the glass and are more sturdy.
This only has to be unlocked once before being used by just swiping the sashes to the left or right in the track. Close it by dragging the sashes back to their initial places.
The sash must be separated from the frame in order to clean both sides of a sliding casement. When compared to other types that tilt in, these are more difficult to clean. However, it’s not very difficult to remove the sashes.


Why Beijing North Tech windows is one of the best aluminum sliding window factory
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High Durability
Aluminium is a highly resistant material that has the potential to withstand severe changes in weather conditions. It is long-lasting since it does not rust or corrode easily— sliding windows made of Aluminium last longer than their other counterparts.
Low Maintenance
Aluminium sliding windows do not need an annual paint coat or any polishing. All you need for its maintenance is a clean moist cloth and soapy water. Simply keeping these windows clean with soapy water will keep them in mint condition for a lifetime. They will function smoothly and look bright with very little maintenance.
Energy efficiency
Over the last few years, Aluminium has dramatically improved thermal efficiency. When combined with energy-efficient glass, aluminium sliding door windows provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.
Lightweight & slim yet super-strong
Aluminium is a very light metal, and the aluminium alloy used to make the sliding window frame makes it extremely strong. Its high ductility and malleability make it possible to give the sliding windows a sleek look.
Plethora of Colors & Designs
Aluminium is symbolic of contemporary architectural designs. One can easily customize Aluminium sliding windows to fit any size, shape, and dimensions. It can be easily powder-coated to suit any architectural style.
The other major USP is Aluminium windows can be custom-made in any colour as per the customer’s preferences. Being robust, Aluminium is perfect to create large sliding windows – a task that cannot be achieved with wooden windows!
Aluminium is 100% recyclable, making it environment friendlier than wood or any other material. Older aluminium windows can be recycled over & over again, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint.
Aluminium sliding doors and Aluminium sliding windows are economical than wooden windows or other alternatives. They are economical since the manufacturing (or production) costs are significantly low.
This category of sliding windows is a cost-effective option for both residential and commercial use. You can get customized aluminium sliding doors and windows from AIS as per your budget and styling requirements.


Post time: Nov-26-2022