How to Repair Aluminum Windows?

In total, there are 5 steps to fix aluminum windows. The first is removing the old or broken window and glass. The second is selecting new glass. The third is fitting new glass. The final step is installing the window. If you are a handyman and can follow instructions, then you can do it yourself.

Removing the old window and glass requires removing the seal and unscrewing part of the frame. Please do put on gloves and safety glasses before removing the broken glass. Glass can be very sharp and can cut through your skin, especially if broken. Safety always comes first in labour work.

Selecting the new glass windows can be difficult. There are a few choices: wooden, vinyl, thermal break aluminum frame window, and wood clad window. A question to ask yourself is do you want a window to be durable or look fancy? If you want a stylish look, go with clad window or vinyl. For durability, go with aluminum.

Buying locally is more costly. You could think about buying thermal break aluminum windows or aluminum clad wood windows from China at much cut-cost. Also, lead time is similar. There could be a couple of them there providing higher quality level windows with Nafs, NFRC north American standards. Companies like Beijing North Tech Windows, DY etc where you could consult. They deliver the products to your site.

Fitting the glass requires carefulness and precision. You generally do not want a glass that doesn’t fit well. If so, it will break quickly and easily. If you are not confident in fitting the glass, I recommend that you call up a professional.

Lastly, installing the new seal is done by applying caulk around the edge and leave it to dry upon completion. A recommended caulking is Silicone RTV 4500 FDA Grade High Strength Silicone Sealant, Clear (2.8 fl.oz), which costs around $20 CAD. The caulking really sticks well, and it usually takes 1 day to dry. Thus patience is important when repairing aluminum windows as well.

Post time: Jun-14-2022