Something you need to know by installing the windows of Northtech

Something you need to know by installing the windows of Northtech .

How to install aluminum windows properly?


Aluminium windows of Northtech  are durable, low maintenance and resistant to extreme weather. They’re also easy to install. We will tell you how to measure up the window and safely install it into place, as well as give you some time-saving tips to make sure your window is level.
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Tools you may need to install aluminum windows:

Drill; Ear Muffs; Hammer; Safety Glasses; Set Square; Spirit Level; Tape Measure; Wooden packers.


Check the aluminum windows size

First you should make sure that your aluminium window can fit into the hole in the wall. Then  check the height and width of your window and the height and width of the opening in the wall to make sure the fit will be right.

Take the aluminium window into place

According to the size of your aluminium windows, you need at least two people to help you lift it into place. One to help you lift the window and the other to make sure the window doesn’t fall through the other side. As you lift window into place, try to make it as level to the inside wall as possible.

Check that the window is level

Once your window is in place, make sure it is level. Put the level on the windowsill to see if it is flat. If you need to lift, rather than lift the entire window frame, place a wrapper under the level until it is flat. Then put the packer under the bottom display and break it.

Make sure the window is flush with the wall

Once you’ve got your window level, you need to make sure it’s also flush to the inside wall.  To do this, line up your set square against the wall and either push the window out or get a person outside to push it in, until the wall and window are level.

Attach the window frame to the wall

Pre-drill three holes into each side of the reveal at the top, middle and bottom. Use your set square to make sure the frame stays flush with the wall. Then drill in three screws to attach one side of the reveal to the wall. Now you have one side of the window attached, you won’t need help to hold the window in place.


How to install a casement window of Northtech

exterior casement windows open outward like doors, in contrast to sashes that slide up and down, sliding windows that slide back and forth, or inclined windows that open from the top or bottom. Your casement window may or may not have a handle, and you can swing it to open it, or it may include two independent hinged windows that open from the center of the frame. Regardless of its style, installation will not be particularly difficult, as long as the rough opening size is appropriate and the window is closed and locked before installation.

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Precautions for the installation of outward open casement door

1. Set the window in the rough opening to ensure its fit. There should be about 1 / 2 inch clearance around. If the opening is too large, please nail the plywood on the frame. If the opening is too small, modify the frame to enlarge it.



1. Install 8-inch wide damp proof tape around the whole frame. Wrap the tape around the frame and completely cover the wood. Nail the tape with a nail gun.

2. Place two 4-inch gaskets made of 1 / 2 x 1-inch wood on the window sill and place them about 2 inches from the corner. Put a level on them and move them back and forth until the bubbles are centered. Pre-drill a 1 / 8-inch hole in each hole and fix it on the window sill with 6D studs.

3. Fill the window flange (if any) by laying a single silicone sealant on the side facing the house. Place the window in the opening – this is usually the work of two people – and push it in until the flange is flush with the frame.

4. Go in and set a level at the bottom of the window frame. Adjust the window as needed to center the bubble. Go outside and screw the flange to the frame with 1-inch external screws.

5. If the window has no flange, push the window into the rough opening until the outer edge of the housing is flush with the frame.

6. Insert a wood gasket between one side of the housing and the frame about an inch from the top of the window. The gasket shall be close to the space and its end shall not exceed the frame edge. Pass the 2-inch screw through the window frame so that it penetrates the gasket and frame.

7. Check the level again and insert another gasket on the same side of the window, about one inch from the bottom. Pass the other screw through the space. Then use two screws to pass through the shell on the other side of the window, with the same distance from the top and bottom.

8. Trim the outside of the window after installing the wallboard. Fill both edges of the decoration with weatherproof joint sealant.

How Much Does Window Installation Cost?

Windows strengthen your home’s lighting and are a vital energy-saving item. New window installation costs an average of $6,298, or between $2,892 and $9,821. The number of windows, type of window, and labor all impact the total price. For example, a single-window of Northtech  unit runs $300 to $1,195for regular sizes, while custom and bay aluminium windows cost per sq ft cost $2,107on average.

Compare quotes from local window installers for the best price. Keep in mind that labor typically costs $160 to $782 per window or about $41 per hour. Let’s walk through the basics of new window installation—including frame material, size, brands, and other factors—to help keep your home energy-efficient and comfortable.



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