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Aluminum window material lists

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This article about aluminum window materials lists in which we are discussing about what kind of material use by the beijing north tech windows for aluminum window processing:-

Aluminum window materials name

There are five parts for the aluminum window material list that are used by the BNG. These are following

  • Aluminum windows frames. One type is none thermal aluminum windows, the other type is thermal break aluminum windows.
  • Aluminum window weather strips/sealings, from Technoform.
  • Hardware, handles. From HOPO, Siegenia.
  • Glass. Double and triple pane low e insulating glass with warm edge sapcer and argon filled. Low e is from Vitro’s Solarban 60, Solarban 70 and so on.
  • Foam. For extreme cold weather or passive house quality level, foam is filled.
  • Solid wood. Oak, red oak, maple, walnut, pine is mostly used.

Aluminum window frames material

Beijing normally used the three types of aluminum window frames.

  • Normal aluminum frame
  • Thermal aluminum frame
  • Wooden aluminum frame

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Hardware accessories list

There is the list of Beijing  North Tech hardware accessories of aluminum window :-

  • Upper wind block
  • Anti-theft block
  • Bottom wind block
  • Unit bump block
  • Sash profile upper block
  • Sash profile bottom block
  • Hoke profile
  • Waterproof upper and bottom block
  • Steel plate
  • Brush
  • gasket

The speciality in our products is that we  are using different kinds of natural things  and wood is the most preferred material we used to make it frame as it has better insulation properties and is more resistant to corrosion.

Untitled document1591

There are four types of woods we are using to make a frame. If you look at grainier finishes like

  • oak
  • ash  
  • Walnut
  • Softwood

less-veined woods like

  • Cypress,
  • pine
  • or douglas fir.

We are discussing the woods that we used to make the clad aluminum window frames but now i want to describe what kind of oils we are using on the frames woods

There are three normal oils utilized for waterproofing wood and these are

  • Linseed
  • tung
  • pecan

 Linseed oil can be purchased at numerous DIY fix stores, and it is for the most part sold in its crude or bubbled structure. Bubbled linseed oil has metal drying specialists that are normally toxic whenever ingested.

 We just use the natural material which is a specialty of our products.

Post time: Jul-15-2022

Beijing North Tech Windows, devoting to digital technology and scientific researches, is a systematic manufacturer of high-quality aluminum products.

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